Embrace, love, nourish and be kind to your body. Many people make time for face masks and facial skin care, and I am here to remind you about the importance and attention that you should pay to body masks. Until I was introduced to Maelys, I didn’t realize how amazingly smooth body masks can feel and the glow it can give your entire body!

In speaking and sampling the amazing product selection with the Maelys team, I was able to learn more about my new favorite products!

“Breaking Body Boundaries” with B-PERKY – Lift & Firm Breast Mask, B-FLAT – Belly Firming Cream, B-TIGHT – Lift & Firm Booty Mask and GEN-S – Anti-Wrinkle Serum are Maelys products that stood out to me, they tighten, tone, and soften your body.

Where did the brand name Maelys come from? What is the meaning behind the name?

Maelys means princess in ancient french. To us, it represents women feeling confident and powerful in their bodies. To always feel their absolute best… like a princess!

What does Beauty mean to you?

To us, beauty means feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin.

What has been Maelys best-seller and why?

B-Flat is our best-seller and the results have blown us away! There is such a need for products like these in the market, they boost women’s confidence within days and even fight older, more stubborn stretch-marks that women had given up hope on ever fading. Personally, B-Tight is my fave. It is perfect for all ages, skin types and I love the tingle you get…. that’s how you know it’s really working! I am so excited for some of the new products coming up, they are so innovative.

What causes stretch marks?

Most of our customers find their stretch-marks develop from quite a young age, they maybe hereditary, and some become much more prominent after pregnancy.

The B Flat Belly Cream is a popular product and formula that fights stretch marks and helps tighten and firm your belly area.  Can you use this product in other areas where you have stretch marks?  

We recommend using our products in the areas specified. Keep your eyes peeled though as we have amazing new products launching over the next 12 months, no skin has been left out!

How is one way we as women can celebrate our bodies every day?

I honestly believe the best way to celebrate our bodies is to stop comparing ourselves to others. If the energy we spent comparing ourselves to other women and their bodies was spent empowering each other, think about what we could achieve together!

What are some ways to avoid wrinkles?

Our Gen-S product is perfect for avoiding wrinkles. GEN-S helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fade out age spots, and even up your skin tone. The amount of amazing reviews we get for this product even surprises us sometimes!

What are some Maelys products that everyone should have in their daily skin care routine?

I would recommend all 3 of the Body Reshaping Collection products. There has been so much focus on facial skin care that body care is often overlooked. These products keep your skin nourished while also having so many other benefits you don’t find in most body care products.

I love the anti-cellulite brush, how often should I use the brush to help prevent cellulite? 

For best results, I would recommend using the brush alongside our B-Tight and B-Flat products, twice a day.

Which areas of your body should you pay more attention to?

We believe each area of your body is as important as the next. Where you focus your routine, depends on your personal goals. A customer recently sent me the quote ‘your skin stays with you for life’, it really is our most important accessory and deserves to be taken care of!

What’s the best age to start using the Timeless Anti-Aging Bundle? 

Any age! You can never start taking care of your skin too early.