When we think of a “beauty routine,” we most likely think of cleansers, masks, sunscreen, eye cream, lotions, potions and serums. LightStim and LED Light Therapy is the new way of treating your skin, and I am completely all about it! I have been using this one-of-a-kind amazing skin treatment for the past 4 months as a part of my skin routine. For me personally, it has done wonders for my skin. LED Treatments were once upon a time available ONLY for professional application… and now, with LightStim, you can have self-application LED treatment in the comfort of your own home while watching your favorite television shows and while cuddling with your pets.

LED Lights. Camera. Action. Let’s Talk LightStim

What is the inspiration behind LightStim?

We want to offer powerful, non-invasive, spa-worthy treatments with outstanding results that benefit people of all ages and skin tones! LightStim elevates your current self-care routine, and pairs well with many of your favorite products.

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty resonates from within, whether it is from a person, or an object, a song, or a painting. Beauty cannot be taught, it must be experienced. To feel beautiful is to feel confident, and therefore empowered. LightStim nourishes the skin from within, to ensure you can always put your best face forward and let your beauty shine through even brighter.

What does LED Light Therapy do?

Much like how plants nourish themselves by absorbing sunlight, LED Light Therapy works naturally with the body to help eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, destroy acne, and reduce pain by emitting healing rays of red, and infrared light.

Is there a difference between using LightStim at home or going to Spa to do LED Treatment?

No! While LightStim does manufacture larger devices for professionals, your hand-held Light is equipped with the same professional strength as our ProPanel and LED Bed! The only difference between our professional and retail line is the size of the area per treatment.

What is the best serum to use with LightStim?

Our LightStim PhotoSerum pairs wonderfully with the Light! However, you have complete freedom to use the serum that works best for your skin. The beauty of LightStim is that the warmth will help with product penetration so you can get the most out your favorite products. Just be sure to use clear serums or masques and steer clear of any ingredients that are too active, drying, or irritating when pairing with your Light.

How often can I use LightStim?

Every day! This is fitness, for your skin, meaning the more consistently you use, the better your results will be!

What is the difference between RED Led and BLUE Led?

Different wavelengths of light are absorbed by the body and each create different effects. Blue light is well-known for its powerful bacteria-killing capabilities while red and infrared light has a lot more research on its anti-aging and pain relief benefits. (This is why our LightStim for Acne has blue LED to kill acne causing bacteria!

Should LightStim be a part of your daily skin routine?

Yes! Consistency is key to getting the most out of LightStim. Once you reach you healthy skin goal, you can continue to use daily or use as part of your routine skin maintenance of 2-3 times a week

How long do the results last?

We’re constantly fighting the aging process and our body slowing down, so this can vary person to person. Consistency will always lead to longer lasting results. Many people reported seeing results lasting weeks or even months after pausing treatment!

Is LighStim for everyone?

LightStim is for everyone! All skin types, tones, colors, and health, no contraindications even through the FDA.

After using the LightStim can I be exposed to the sun?

Yes! LightStim will not cause sun sensitivity. With that said we’re still big fans of sunscreen as a partner in healthy aging.

Any suggestions on places to use LightStim and relax?

Watching tv, in bed, while reading. Since the hand-helds have a built-in timer, you can use it while doing whatever you personally do to relax. LightStim and Chill