National Makeup Artist for Vapour Beauty, Nicole Cudzilo creates Vapour Beauty’s healthy and glowing looks for year round shine. She is in charge of organizing and styling the company’s photoshoots and beauty campaigns. I had the opportunity to go through a personal one-on-one styling with her and all my Vapour Beauty products, it was so helpful for on and off the course questions and answers that I sometimes struggle with.

Nicole shares her amazing tips to confidently apply and maintain a quarantine glow even during uncertain times. Nicole is a passionate educator, and is responsible for training the Vapour beauty artistry team. Nicole is also an award winning fine art photographer and her in-character self portrait series has been exhibited internationally with great critical acclaim.

What does the word “beauty” mean to you?

Beauty should be all encompassing I think. To me it’s really about how something or someone makes me feel. I personally love wearing bold colors because it invokes personal joy, and when I’m happy I feel my most beautiful. It sounds cliche, but I think beauty is what radiates from a person when they are their most authentic self, but throwing on a gorgeous lipstick or eyeshadow never hurts either.

What is the one beauty tip you share with all your clients?

I think the most important beauty tip that I stress with every client is to figure out their own personal beauty style and play that up. We should always be asking ‘what is a feature that I love about myself and how can I make that stand out?’ Growing up I hated how thick my eyebrows were and would try to tweeze them to fit the beauty standard. Now my bold brows are one of my favorite features because I was able to embrace them and stop fighting against what made me unique.

How important are the ingredients in your cosmetics?

Ingredient purity is a very integral part of what makes us who we are at Vapour. When choosing ingredients we always consider their impact on habitat, water supplies & aquatic life as well as making sure they meet or exceed international green beauty standards. Your skin is your largest organ and we believe that you should be conscious with what you choose to put on it. For that reason, our products do not contain synthetic FD&C or Lake colorants, artificial fragrances, perfumes or other questionable ingredients like dimethicone. We instead choose organically farmed and naturally derived, minimally processed ingredients and are proud to have earned the “Champion Safety Status” from the Environmental Working Group.

What makes Vapour Beauty different from other brands?

Honestly I think it’s our core values and our amazing team that sets us apart from other brands. I see the passion and soul coming through in everything we do here because our team truly believes in the brand and what we stand for. We are female owned & operated, and comprised of some of the most talented people I have ever met in this industry. I am consistently blown away by their dedication, compassion and creativity. Any brand can create fun, new products, but what sets us apart is how we do it. We believe in creating high performance alternatives to conventional makeup with clean, plant powered formulas that nurture and enhance your skin. We also believe in caring for you and the planet with full commitment to ingredient purity, health and sustainability. Recently we’ve also been exclusively hiring local women as models to support our own community!

What are 3 beauty products you carry in your purse?

I’m a huge lip junkie so I always have a handful of lip products with me. The one that never leaves my bag is our Velvet Gloss in Deva because it has the texture of a treatment-balm with the perfect amount of shine. It gives just a hint of color and it’s a mix between a berry, rose and neutral so it’s completely universal. I also always have a few Lip Nectars with me, right now I’m alternating between Hint (pinky-peach) and Coquette (raspberry-rose) depending on my mood. The third product I’ve recently been carrying is our Perfecting Powder Pressed, it makes touch ups a breeze and it’s so sleek and light to carry around!

Do you have a daily beauty routine and if yes, can you share with us?

Being a makeup artist & beauty creator means that I am constantly experimenting with products, textures and colors, so I wouldn’t say I ever have the opportunity to fall into a true routine. Lately though, the makeup routine that best suits me is: making a light tinted moisturizer by mixing together our Matte Smoothing Primer & Soft Focus Foundation. Then I apply a little bit of mascara, a peachy blush on cheeks & eyelids and a bold lip. For skincare I’ve been using a lot of Indie Lee! I always start the day by rinsing my face with cool water & no cleanser. If I want my makeup to look extra perfect I’ll use the Indie Lee Radiance Renewal peel pads before my application to gently slough off any dull or dead skin. I like to cleanse at night with Indie’s Brightening Cleanser and my new favorite product for personal self care has been her I-Waken Resurfacing Mask.

I love using Vapour Soft Focus Foundation. It gives me great coverage and smooth looking skin, how important is finding the right foundation for your skin type?

Finding the right foundation for your skin type is extremely important because your base affects everything else that you apply over it. My makeup philosophy is that your foundation should simply even out the skin without masking it and feeling weightless as it wears. Prepping the skin correctly also makes a huge difference on how your foundation lasts throughout the day. I have been loving our Matte Smoothing Primer for almost everyone recently. It’s technically meant for combo-oily skin but it still works beautifully on my dry skin because it smooths out any texture and keeps my skin balanced.

What’s the difference between Vapour Soft Focus Foundation and Velvet Glow Foundation?

The biggest difference between Soft Focus and Velvet Glow is the coverage and finish, but both are packed with skin loving ingredients that improve the look and feel of your skin over time. Soft Focus is a sheer-medium coverage with a silky satin finish, while Velvet Glow is extremely buildable and can be worked up to a full coverage. Velvet Glow offers a demi-matte finish that I find looks especially beautiful when set with Perfecting Powder. I usually wear Soft Focus as my daily foundation and I’ve started using a tiny bit of Velvet Glow as a fuller coverage concealer under my eyes.

Mascara or Lip Gloss?

Normally I am a lip & cheek kind of girl, but I definitely want my eyes to stand out while wearing a mask, so I’ll choose mascara. I feel like mascara with a cute and colorful statement mask is becoming synonymous these days with mascara and a red lip. I love Mesmerize Mascara because I have sensitive eyes and it’s extremely comfortable to wear. It deeply conditions with castor and jojoba oil and it’s a weightless fluffy formula that keeps my lashes lifted all day.

Can you share a beauty tip for women athletes exposed to the outdoors? Can we still wear make-up? Is there a specific routine athletes should be more aware of when being exposed to the sun?

Being exposed to the sun for long periods of time can stress out your skin so it’s important that you prep with a good sunscreen. I’ve been loving how the untinted version from Suntegrity wears under my makeup. Another important prep product is a great lip balm to prevent your lips from getting dry or chapped in the elements. Our Lux Lip Conditioner is made with 100% organic ingredients and it’s super convenient to carry while on the go. It’s also essential to choose makeup products with healthy

ingredients because your pores open while you’re active. Our products really offer skincare and makeup in one, so I always feel confident about what is going on my skin. I think the last step that is especially important for athletes is to make sure that you are cleansing well at the end of the day. Removing any sweat, oil and product is crucial to achieve a healthy glowing complexion!