Golf has always been a traditional sport, but in time, it will evolve. For those women who have been in the game for a while, you might notice the transition golf has made from a “game” to a “sport”.  Athleisure Wear is the future, and while maintaining respect for tradition, we still need to embrace the evolution that is taking place.  

Many Country Clubs still have strict guidelines and rules when it comes to dress code for both men and women and hold firm to those rules. It’s important to follow those rules, but it’s also okay to scribble outside the lines, and if you do, I suggest doing it in a tasteful way by finding styles that work with your figure and allow you to move freely.   Golf apparel designed and sold in pro shops are made for bodies that aren’t curvy and voluptuous, “size” does not mean it will fit better, and I enjoy the creative process of getting ready to play.  

It’s important that women feel comfortable first, but stylish on course, because golf requires a lot of bending, squatting, swinging and stretching.  My motto has always been, “You’ve got to look good to play good”, golf is a lifestyle, and it is a sport that allows you to dress to impress. I am wearing all FENDI in this shoot, and I love how the brand is flexible in style.  The Fendi lifestyle and trend wear speaks to a luxury lifestyle which can include a beautiful day of golf.  

I want to change a woman’s mindset on their approach to golf apparel by swapping out “intimidation” with “individuality”. All women are built differently, this alone pushes me to inspire women to find apparel and styles that are unique, and women can say “I can wear that!”