My motto has always been, “You’ve got to look good to play good” and if you don’t play good that day at least you look good!


What do you think is appropriate wear for the golf course?

Golf has always been a traditional sport, but in time, it will evolve. Many Country Clubs still have strict guidelines and rules when it comes to dress code for both men and women and hold firm to those rules. It’s important to follow those rules, but it’s also okay to scribble outside the lines, and if you do, I suggest doing it in a tasteful way by finding styles that work with your figure and allow you to move freely, unconstricted. There is no “appropriate”, but rather individual comfort and style. It’s important that women feel comfortable but also stylish on the course, because golf requires a lot of bending, squatting, swinging and more!

Is fashion an important part of your golf game?

My motto has always been, “You’ve got to look good to play good” and if you don’t play good that day at least you look good! Golf is a lifestyle, and it is a sport that allows you to dress to impress. I am wearing all FENDI during this shoot, and I love how the brand is flexible in style, they have a line of lifestyle and trend wear that move with a luxury lifestyle, which speaks to the game of golf.

Most golf fashion designed and sold in pro shops are made for bodies that aren’t curvy and voluptuous, this forces me to find apparel elsewhere. I am built differently than the average women playing golf, this alone pushes me to inspire women to find clothes for golf other ways and move past intimidation and into individuality.


What do you think of “Athleisure Wear” on the golf course?

Comfort and movement are keys to hitting the ball well off the tee as well as being able to maneuver and find your way around the green to execute the perfect putt. You have to move the way your body needs to feel your surroundings, and that requires flexible clothing. Athleisure Wear has grown to accommodate golf as well as fit a woman’s body type to provide a flattering exterior look and the freedom to move!

Golf has made a beautiful transition from a “game” to a “sport”, and Athleisure Wear is the future, but tradition needs to understand that evolution is taking place. With that being said, we still need to respect golf tradition and that is what makes golf fashion a continuous development.

How important is it to stay physically in shape for golf?

It is important to stay physically in shape in general, especially with golf because golf is a lifetime sport. If you take care of your body, you will mentally be stronger and physically capable of playing this wonderful game for your lifetime.

Why do you always continue to find ways to change up your style in golf?

Being “The Golf Fashionista” I encourage as well as enjoy dressing up and embracing my personality through golf fashion. I enjoy setting trends and inspiring women to think outside the box, while having fun with their wardrobe. Golf fashion needs to be elevated and reach new audiences outside of the demo so that women understand that they are allowed and invited to play the game; I am that voice of vision of change through golf fashion. Shout out to FENDI for knowing exactly how to hold tradition close, and break barriers at the same time.