If all else fails, add another embellishment.

Embellished sparkly collars is my on-course fashion #MustDo this year.  It’s an accessory you can play with to decorate and add some shine to your golf ensemble and maybe even your game;)

With this advice I must let you know that I am a believer in golf tradition.  I respect the rules of women’s golf  and its “dress code” but surly like any “rule” it can be played with in a classy and stylish way.  So, with that being said, do I always wear a collar? the answer is no, but if I had to, it should be stylish and I should feel fabulous and comfortable while wearing one.

My embellished “on course” trend has something for every woman.  I have selected some collars for you to look out for when shopping!

Have fun with your collar accessories and let me know how it works out for you!