3 Steps To Hit More Fairways With Your Driver :

Step 1 |  Your alignment is key to hitting fairways consistently. At address, make sure your feet, shoulders and club face are aimed at your target.  Before pulling the trigger, give yourself one word to say in your mind that will allow your to stay calm, confident and positive throughout your swing.  The words “smooth” or “commit” are great examples.
Step 2 |  As a drill, at the top of your golf swing before pulling the trigger, try and have a slight pause. This will let you and your body know that you have completed your backswing,  This feeling will also give your mind and body time to transition the club to your downswing on a better plane, helping you to maintain good angles into your downswing.
Step 3 |  The beauty of your downswing is that it allows for you to turn your lower body and rotate your arms powerfully into the ball.  It is a wonderful feeling having great contact with the golf ball.  Having a good extension into your downswing is important as well.  Good extension means to have width through the ball; this will allow for your club to travel on a wide swing plane creating a solid impact and consistency onto the fairways.

Stay committed to your swing.  Trust that you have done everything mentally and physically to execute the best drive possible and most importantly enjoy the challenge.