Boxing burns a crazy amount of calories giving us a full mental and physical body workout.

It’s literally the best workout to let it all out, all your stress and frustrations from all annoyance and problems happening in your life. Your “punching bag” will be there for you always because punching someone in the face?… Not a good idea.

There are two fun ways to train for boxing :

  1. Punching the “heavy bag” – I enjoy working on the punching bag when I just want to listen to music and want “alone time” workout.  For most people, it helps them work on their fundamentals and speed.
  2. Sparring with an opponent. (You can see I am training with my friend Kema Ogden) – This can be more entertaining and fun.  It allows for you to constantly stay on your feet, be aware and requires focus all the way.

In Ancient Greek culture, the god, Apollo, was regarded as the inventor and guardian of the sport of boxing.

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One of the many reasons people enjoy using boxing as their workout is because it gives them confidence.  You don’t realize, but after a 30 minute session you leave the gym feeling really good about yourself and you exude this energy and confidence throughout the rest of your day like your unstoppable.

I recommend everyone to try this sport just once to see if you enjoy it.  Whether you’re looking to build fitness, lose weight, or even step into a competition ring, find a gym near and box and burn.