I can change the world with color.

– Essie

One of my most favorite places to go once every two weeks… the nail salon!

Taking care of your nails,  feet and hands is important.  However, if you’re like me, going into a nail salon and choosing a color can take FOREVER.  I am constantly changing my mind with my colors and it’s because trends are constantly changing, polishes are adding new and exciting colors like metallic and all kinds of different glitters.

Nails have become a fashion accessory with no boundaries.  Much like your clothing and jewelry, nail colors are meant to be played with.  With that being said, there are times where we need a time out from all the colors of the world and just want to keep our minds calm and our nails neutral and clean.  We should all have our GO-TO nude color for when this mood kicks in.

Here are some of my recommendations!

Have fun with your color selections! Get to the nail salon 10 minds ahead of your appointment and play around with some of the colors, your intuition will let you know which color you should rock for the week.