How amazing is this Frosty Blue and Black jumpsuit to rock winter season?

The jumpsuit is the perfect outfit for a chilly day out on the course and is one my favorite looks to wear while golfing. Jumpsuits depending on the fabric, can be comfortable, stylish and makes for an easy transition from golf to dinner. #festivefun

Seema Golf Tip | While I’m being “Festive on the Fairways, ” It’s important for me to stay focused on my pre-shot routine. My pre-shot routine allows for me to align my body to my target and hit consistent shots throughout my round.

It’s important for me to stay focused on your  pre-shot routine. Your pre-shot routine allows for you to align your body to your target and hit consistent shots throughout your round.

Here are 3 Tips to improve your pre-shot routine | 

  1. Stand behind the ball and get a good idea of where you want to hit the ball in the fairway or green.
  2. Pick a target and draw a line from your ball to your chosen target. See that line in your mind and focus on that line while you are behind the ball.
  3. When you address the ball, look down the line to your target before swinging the club; it will help you see your target and align your body so that you can swing away.

Don’t be afraid to get a little festive on the fairways with a colorful and fitted jumpsuit and don’t forget to bring a cute jacket to keep warm when it gets chilly later in the day!