First, how cute is my flower one-piece romper made of shiny and cool fabric that’s perfect for the golf course?   The lace accents give the outfit an extra flare and the lace is gorgeous with any outfit when paired correctly. The center of this romper has elastic, so it makes it easy to swing freely and transition through the ball.

This year let’s hit the gym together.  Getting better at golf requires you to be stronger and to strengthen areas of your body to better your swing.

The Valeo Resistance Extension Cords is a great way to practice in the gym and on the course.  This drill can help with a tighter and stronger position at the top of your swing, while feeling your working muscles and the burn in your core, arms and wrists.  When you try this, notice your footwork as well. You can feel your balance and where your feet is transferring weight when you take the cord back.

After practicing your backswing position with the cord, Take your 8 iron and repeat the same backswing feeling the same fundamentals as you did with the cord.  The transition from the cord to club will feel like you are swinging a feather… It’s a fun feeling:)

Have fun with this drill and feel your core getting stronger and your swing getting smoother.