There is nothing easier and more comfortable than a fitted and stretchy black one-piece. This Mirelle Activewear black jumper is stretchy and super comfy! I can swing and move freely all day on the course. It is such a universal outfit because I can pair it with a sweater or wear a cute top over it. I can mold this one-piece black jumper into a million outfits and no one would even notice that all the outfits stem from this one universal piece. My friends at FootJoy spoil me with their comfortable shoes; which I am able to customize and design. One of my favorite and vibrant pairs is my “Seema Style” hot orange LoPro Collection. I paired them with a white Titleist visor to complete this stylish look.

Seema Fitness Tips

The Bosu exercise ball is a favorite equipment piece of mine. There are so many uses for it. I use the Bosu ball for ab and arm exercises, but for golf it also allows me to work on balance.

Step 1.  I am standing on the Bosu ball and winding back with my club.

Step 2.  My thighs and core are strong and mentally I am focused on staying even while winding back. It is a tough exercise, but it really helps you stay focused on your balance and where your balance tendencies are within your swing.

Step 3.  Try to do three takeaways in a row without falling & then step off and try it on the ground. You will notice a huge difference in core and balance.

Step 4.  When you are in the gym, use this drill with the Bosu ball and try using a 8 to 10 pound weighted medicine ball instead of a club to build more

Let me know how this works for you!